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At Ashford Farm we are very fortunate to enjoy long-lasting partnerships with the best in the business.
Ranging from top riders and elite sales barns, to a selection of premier equestrian companies that provide our team and horses with the finest materials. We highly value each of our partners and proudly mention them on our website.



Kingsland Equestrian

Kingsland Equestrian is one of our most longstanding partners. This renowned international company supplies our riders with show outfits and all the other equestrian wear they need to perform at their best.

Our horses are also proud ambassadors of Kingsland. They look the part every day at home and at shows thanks to all the types of rugs, bandages and saddle pads made available to us.

Kingsland is a Norwegian brand, which since its creation in 1999, has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of equestrian wear and horse gear. Kingsland has a reputation for its subtle blend of classic equestrian fashion and contemporary design.


Connolly’s Red Mill’s

At Ashford Farm we strive to have our horses in the best possible condition and our feed supplier Connolly’s Red Mills helps us achieve this goal. They extensive range high-performance products maximizes the potential and performance of our horses.

Their range of  Horse Care mixes, Cubes, PerformaCare Balancer, Comfort Mash and Extruded Full Fat Soya are a a staple in our horses diets. Additionally we also supplement with the excellent range of Foran Equine.

Since 1908 the Irish based company has never stopped building their reputation for converting fresh, natural ingredients into the most trusted feed for peak performance right around the world. Connolly’s Red Mills has grown into a leading name in animal feeds and agri services, and has taken over Foran Equine, a market leader in equine healthcare products.


Butet Sellier

Butet Sellier is a top-of-the-range saddler which meets the high demands of our riders. The custom made saddles cater to the needs of each individual Ashford Farm rider and horse perfectly. Allowing them to reach their full potential and to jump with confidence.

The saddles are designed to create a perfectly balanced jumping position for the riders and allow a freedom of moment for the horse while jumping.

Butet embodies its “horse-rider” philosophy every day, which epitomises lightness, close contact and a way of riding and being with a horse which reflects what equestrians all strive for: harmony.