International showjumpers Jana Wargers and Michael Cristofoletti have partnered up with the team of Ashford Farm. The pair, who ran their own stables in Germany, already had a long-working relationship with Ashford Farm’s owner, Enda Carroll. The couple will hence forward call his stables in Bocholt, Belgium, their home.

The move to Ashford Farm was already taking shape, however due to an earlier than foreseen departure from the Sunshine Tour the plans had to be adjusted. “We made a virtue out of necessity”, Enda Carroll explains. “Jana and Michael already had most of the horses with them and because they had to go into quarantine, we agreed it would be better to push the moving plans forward.”

Next step
“Jana has been riding horses for Ashford Farm for over two years now and Michael has been involved with the management of these horses and as a sales partner. During this time, they’ve both continued to impress me, so I am looking forward to this next step in our collaboration. To have everyone under one roof will strengthen our position and will help Ashford Farm to continue to grow in the future. By combining our strengths and our sales networks we hope to be of service to more clients all over the world”, Enda concludes.

German rider Jana Wargers and Michael Cristofoletti who represents Italy, are equally excited to join the Ashford Farm team: “We started with the idea to move closer to the centre of the horse industry. And after sharing our thoughts with Enda, we developed a new concept that allows us to develop our business and work more efficient as a team. The facilities here at Ashford Farm are amazing and we already feel at home.”

Joining forces
Michael continues: “With us working from Bocholt we will all be better together. Jana will continue to focus on the sport, and I will combine riding with developing the sales together with Enda. By connecting our network of clients, we will be able to create more opportunities. It will be amazing to be working alongside Enda and the rest of the Ashford Farm team.”